Todays Beers Line Up

Todays line up @ Tadg

Kyoto Ichijoji Brewing

Golden Ale 5.3%

Red Ale 5.3%

Dry Stout 5%

Kyoto Brewing Company

Pale Ale 5.5%


Suruga Bay Imperial IPA 8.5%


Ko Ko Mikan (Fruit Ale) 4%

Scotch Ale 7%

Minoh Brewing

Munich Bitter 4.4%


Bona Bona Pale Ale 5.5%


Lager 6%

The Beer Line Up changes almost daily.



lunch menu.jpeg

Yorocco Beer/Food Festival

Yorocco Food and Beer Matching Menu!

All foods ¥500      Beer 1/2pt ¥500

Cultivator Golden Ale 6.4% IBU 45

Chicken and  Pineapple with mango chilli sauce and rice.

Shun Rai Saison 6.0% IBU 35

Black Pepper Cure Salmon on homemade

whole wheat honey bread.

Brown Ale 5.4% IBU 30

Falafel , golden fried spicy chickpea balls with silky sesame sauce, pita bread.

Citric Porter 6.0% IBU 30

Chilli con Carne, spicy ground beef slowly simmered in Citric Porter, rich beef stock, herbs and adobe sauce, with rice.

Sky Walker IPA 6.3% IBU 55

Our  original “Southern Fried” Karage!

Crispy buttermilk chicken with dipping sauce.

Hibiscus Saison (aged 20 months with brettanomyces) 5.0% IBU 20

Light buttery country Paté on freshly toasted baguette.

New beers on tap !

Kyoto Brewing Company

Aki no Kimagure 5.9%

Baird Beer

The Carpenters Mikan Ale

Suruga Bay Imperial IPA 8.5%

Swan Lake

 IPA 7%

Porter 6%


Golden Dragon 4.5%

Chocolate Porter 6%

Outsider Brewing

Scottish Smoked Ale 7%


Lager 6%

New Beers on Tap !

Kyoto Brewing Company

First Snow 4.9%

Ichi Senshin 5.9%

Baird beer

Smoke and Fire Habanero Stout 5.5%

Country Girl Kabucha Ale 6.5%

Ise Kadoya Brewing

Hanakin Rouge 4%

Swan Lake

IPA 7%


Pineapple Ale 4.5%


Lager 6%